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Site services

Site support and auxiliary services are an integral part of modern project management. When carefully conducted, they provide a cost-effective means to organise site management, legal supervision and various licence and permit issues. Well-organised support services of a site  increase cost-effectiveness and bring significant competitive edge to projects

Risk assessment and applying site legislation require specific know-how on a wide scale, and through thousands of successfully completed projects, CTS Engtec’s specialists have accumulated just that. The customers safety coordination, ensuring on-site safety and related practical operations are part of our extensive service concept, along with the licence and permit application and amendment procedures, in cooperation with authorities, required at the various phases of a project. Well-executed person registers serve project sites widely, from access control to qualification management.


Authority coordination

CE markings

Declarations of conformity

Site support services

  • Language, assistant and access control services
  • Documentation, photography and video recording services

Coordination of site permits and licences, and related amendments

Administration of site legislation

  • Pressure equipment and electricity legislation                      
  • Contractor’s liability and occupational safety legislation

Risk analyses

Safety coordination

  • Safety aspects of planning and engineering solutions
  • Safety supervision in project operations

Safety and occupational safety manager services

Rescue plans

Site and safety induction

First aid training

Permit and qualification training