Steam condensate systems analysis

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Steam condensate systems in mills under effectiveness analysis

Steam and condensate system plays a key role in the mills’ technical activities. The energy efficiency of steam condensate system can be enhanced.

Led by Motiva, a collaboration project was started, aimed at analyzing steam and condensate system energy efficiency and maintenance services effectiveness.

Related to this collaboration project CTS Engtec carried out the energy efficiency analysis as a pilot project in the Finnish paper mill.

Motiva Oy estimated that Finnish industrial steam and condensate system energy saving potential is about 1.9 TWh accounting for 3 percent of the industrial steam. This corresponds to a total of about 100 000 electrically heated detached houses annual consumption. Cost savings are estimated to be about 50 million euros.

The obtained findings were converted into suggestions for the improvement of the steam and condensate system energy efficiency and its further development. The efficiency improvements in energy costs were representing approx. 1,6 % savings and CO2 emission reduction taking into account 4570 t/a savings.

This innovative project presents one of CTS Engtec´s latest innovative solutions in process industry. The  steam condensate system survey definition promotes  and enhances the analysis of steam condensate systems.

The definition also integrate survey´s reporting. The analysis contributes to the detection of potential savings, detailed definition of cost-cutting measures and through them the actual savings.

The companies taking part in the project are Myllykoski Paper, Metsäliitto Group, Stora Enso, UPM-Kymmene Corporation, Borealis Polymers Corporation, Rautaruukki, ABB Service, Konwell, Spirax, Aalto University of Technology, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and CTS Engtec.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy as well as by the companies participating in the project.


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