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Engineering and design services for Data Center operators

A fundamental reason why Finland is an interesting candidate for a Data Centers location area is its arctic cold climate. Also, competitive electricity price, power grid reliability and general predictability of the business environment are factors that make Finland attractive. Finland´s growing circular economy concept increases the interest to establish new Data Centers in Finland.

At their disposal, the Data Center providers have the experience and know-how of the CTS Engtecs in designing energy- and cost efficient solutions that represent the highest level of the industry.

A common procedure is that the designer agrees with the client the main specifications of the project in question. They ensure the main level of lay-out so that the specs regarding power, connectivity and cooling can be “locked on target” and implement the project according to agreed program and costs.

In our work, we use the latest BIM, 3D, Virtual reality and other software tools. With the modern tools we can give our clients a virtual reality experience of the facility and how everything will look like in the operational facility, including the key elements such as HCAV, power, connectivity etc.

To predict and measure the energy efficiency we use factors such as PUE (Power Utilization Efficiency), ERF (Energy Reuse Factor) and REF (Renewable Energy Factor).

Whether client needs detailed design or just concept design, CTS Engtec is the reliable choice that results in successful project completion.