Woikoski, Hydrogen Production Plant

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The Woikoski Hydrogen Production Plant is inaugurated

Woikoski and CTS Engtec in cooperation in Kokkola, Finland. Hydrogen is needed for mobile phones and laptops, in the manufacture of batteries.

Woikoski Ltdīs new hydrogen plant is inaugurated in Kokkola on Wednesday 12th of November . The plant consists of three separate hydrogen production lines. The plant also includes hydrogen container filling station. The hydrogen is mostly derived to Freeport Cobalt, in the same industrial area, to use in the manufacture of cobalt. The cobalt  is needed in manufacturing of mobile phone and laptop batteries.

Basic and detailed engineering of the hydrogen plant has been done in co-operation between Woikoski and CTS Engtec.  In this large-scale project has participated all the planning diciplines of CTS Engtec.

CTS Engtecīs know-how has been a benefit of integrating the various functions.

- Integration of Chinese and Italian automation to our monitoring system and the building's HVAC engineering as well as the pressure vessel examinations were obtained by CTS. The company was in charge of project management with Woikoski experts, too. The result is functional. The plant supplies gas to the customer at every moment, says Kalevi Korjala, Managing Director of Woikoski.

CTS Engtecīs responsibilities included the entire plant data model management, interfaces to existing air separation plant, the piping design outside plant delivery, pipe clip design, steel structure design, HVAC design, process design in co-operation with Woikoski gas experts, automation and electrical design, as well as strength calculation concerning  structural steel and pressure equipment.

CTS Engtecīs assignment included also planning of structural engineering and building design tasks of the project at different stages. CTS Engtec was involved in project management and assisted in the acquisition of the surveys, as well as contracts through the project. CTS Engtec also provided expert services in piping and pressure equipment legislation and regulations relating to ATEX.

CTS Engtecīs Project Manager Antti Lahtinen is satisfied to the result.

- The projectīs  key point is the data model. The use of that was inspired by  the Air Gas Plant project in Kokkola last year. 3D-based data model, which is maintained and managed by CTS contained all the information and documentation management of the project.

-The data model combined the different actors and CTS Engtec planning into a single entity. The data model was utilized extensively in the project from initial commenting phase to equipment, piping, electrical, automation and HVAC installations of the construction site. The use of the data model accelerated and facilitated the installation significantly.

CTS Engtec was responsible for the engineering of  Air Gas Plant of Woikoski, Kokkola earlier this year.