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Basic engineering of the extension of Naantali refinery, as concerns process design of utilities. Process design of fire water pumping station and safety shower. Process design of the following utilities related to basic engineering of Naantali refinery extension project (JALA) including Cooling water system, including sea water and cooling water circulations. Glycol cooling systems.Compressed air network and compressor station.Boiler water preparation unit.Nitrogen network. Safety shower system. Fire water pumping station and fire water network.Checking of fire water network in OSBL area with Pipenet balance calculation. Updating of the balances of cooling water circulations 1 and 2 in basic refinery, related to basic engineering of isomerisationproject in Naantali refinery. Basic and implementation engineering to Porvoo and Naantali oil refineries. As tool we use PDS, Microstation, Autocad and Smart Plant programs. Our services cover both small-scale modification and extension projects and complete new plants.


2007-08 PYAB, Increase of flotator capacity. Capacity of the flotator at waste water treatment plant was increased to match the waste water load that grows when TL4 and biodiesel projects are implemented, and to come up to the terms of the new environmental permit.

2007-08 Update of TLY, PTER 3D model,3D PDS models were updated to match real situation.

2007 FCC/KARP 3 supply tank arrangement, electrification.

2007 Production line TL 1, Changes in VHVI, electrification.

2006 POGB project: Renewal of KARP2 product line,Renewal of piping from TL2 battery limit to tank area, including new steel structures and demolition of old piping.

2005 PHBE project: Discharge of sewage pumping tank cars,New washing and discharge place was built at the waste water treatment plant of Porvoo refinery for sewage pumping tank cars.

2005 Biodiesel OSBL, basic engineering, and connections to old piping. Layout design of mechanical equipment and piping, pipe quantities, connections to existing pipes.

2004-06 Electric power network maintenance investments.

2004 Usability improvement plans.

2004 Cooling of flushing oil for KART-filters.

2004 Modification of tank R6,Piping and steel structures were rebuilt in connection with tank R6 overhaul.

2004 Implementation of secondary basins for H5 and H6,Piping and pipe lead-throughs of tanks H5 and H6 and in their surroundings were redesigned to fit in the secondary basin round the tanks. Steel structures of walkways over the wall in accordance with authority stipulations.

2003 Additional VKT supply and change of bottom sump, stage 2.

2002-03 Tank area PDS-modelling, 3D PDS models were updated to match real situation.

2002 Distribution terminal for POR-products. Three tanks were modified to the storage of POR products. We redesigned the piping of the tanks and two new pumping stations. New pipe bridges to loading places and pumping stations. Steel structures inside the secondary basin of tanks and walkways over the basin.

2002 Ethylene plant Cracker Creep.


2002-03 Modelling of the existing storage tank area of Porvoo chemical plant with PDS 3D (Intergraph): piping, storage tanks and all equipment. Initial data for modelling by air photographs with laser scaling (pumping stations)


2007-8 Renewal of the power plant. BP Sullom Voe Oil terminal, Shetland, Great Britain.

2007 Production line TL 1, Changes in hydrocracking.

2008 Hydrogen unit (VY1) operating plan.



2008-11 Design of 15 valve stations for natural gas line between Mäntsälä and Turku/Naantali.