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Finland provides optimal opportunities for datacenters

CTS Engtec has a strong foothold in the building and launching of datacenters for foreign operators who have established themselves in Finland. Expert tasks in surveys, technical design and project management are now extended to cities, municipalities, business development companies and property developers offering sites for datacenters.

Specialists in energy efficiency and business establishment

The challenge for datacenter companies is to find suitable premises for their activities. Also administration related to the establishment of a business, calculations and jurisprudence for investment decisions and dealing with Finland's authorities are challenges for the companies. In future, CTS will provide extensive expert and consulting services in these issues.

The most important reasons for locating datacenters in Finland are the country's favourable weather conditions, reliability of the power grid and general predictability of the operational environment. Search engines require massive cooling systems and consume considerable amounts of electricity. To make datacenters energy- and cost-efficient, competitive cooling and energy solutions must be found for them. The expertise of CTS Engtec in the design and implementation of datacenters that are cost-efficient and have low capital costs is among the top of the field.

Locals know the prevailing conditions

Utilisation of Finnish subcontractors in datacenter projects has remained minimal, due to international companies' weak local knowledge and local companies' weak knowledge of foreign investors. Foreign suppliers of goods have been favoured even in simple choices of material. As a consequence, participation of local companies in investments has been meagre, and linking of foreign investors to local suppliers and service providers has also been weak.

CTS Engtec knows Finnish companies and can filter in the most cost-efficient subcontractors and goods suppliers. The surveys, preparatory planning and project services of a consulting company that knows the Finnish operators create an impact that promotes local employment.

Establishment of a datacenter requires experience-based competence in technical planning and design. CTS provides the services needed by companies: from concept development to deployment, supported by environmental services, basic and implementation planning in the fields of architecture, structures, electricity, automation and processes as well as extensive services related to plants' project management and maintenance.

CTS is an experienced and reliable partner for both national and international datacenter companies and for municipalities and property companies offering sites for datacenters.

Further information:

Reijo Parkkinen, Project Manager
E-mail: reijo.parkkinen@ctse.fi
Mob. + 358 400 682 272