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The CTS Engtec Media Bank contains images and logos for media use. High resolution jpg-format is recommended for high-quality printing up to A5-A4 format. Please note that the images are for journalistic purposes only, commercial use is prohibited. Please display name CTS Engtec as the


Our logo
The CTS Engtec logo is the embodiment of our brand. It should never be edited or distorted. It must always be reproduced from the approved master artwork and not recreated. Never separate the two words from each other. Ensure that you follow the correct clear space rules when co-branding. You must also not use the logo in running body text.

The name
CTS Engtec is always written as two separate words. Always write the first word (CTS) in big letters and last word in small letters except the first letter (Engtec).

The full legal name, CTS Engtec Oy, and the full name of subsidiary OOO CTS Engtec, are used only for corporate-level communication and where required by law, such as on letterheads, invoices and legal contracts. Otherwise, use the communicative name: CTS Engtec.

Minimum logo size
When used in printed media the logo size minimum should be 152 x 45 px.

Logo clear space
To maximise recognition of our logo and to maintain its integrity, an area of clear space, 50 mm, should always surround the logo. No other elements or information should intrude into this area.

Logo background
Never place the logo on any other colour than black or white. If a coloured background cannot be avoided, e.g. in clothing, the logo should first be put on a white or black background or use instead the white logo. The greyscale and black-only logos can be placed on white background only.

Logo colours
We have two corporate colours, which should only be used in the logo.
The word CTS is green (PMS 356C, CMYK 93,4,100,26, RGB 0,125,39). The word Engtec is gray  (PMS 430C), CMYK 0,0,0,45, RGB 163,163,167).

Greyscale and Black-only applications
Special versions of the logo have been created for applications where only  greyscale or black-only printing is available. Use these versions only on a white background and never over a photograph.