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Plant engineering

Plant engineering provides services from the early stage of the project to handing over to the client and through the plant lifetime. Plant engineering covers civil and facilities engineering, mechanical systems engineering, layout and piping engineering. Though the construction, assembly and installation drawings along with various types of material and equipment lists are still the most important kinds of documentation, the role and benefits of 3D-modelling and engineering is emphasized and widely utilized in plant engineering.

Plant Engineering collaborates with other engineering branches using the basic data from process, automation and electrical engineering. Still, in principle, in the end of the project plant engineering brings all other engineering branches together after many different project phases. That is why the range of plant engineering works is wide and challenging.

Common mill types for plant engineering are pulp and paper mills (forest industry), as well as different kinds of boiler plants (energy industry), petroleum refineries and mining/ metallurgical technology (process industry).

Common project types are greenfield and rebuilding projects. Plant engineering covers both types from pre-feasibility study phase to pre-engineering phase and all the way to the implementation phase and start-up.

As for plant engineering design software, CTS is proud to present the capabilities to meet today's requirements. Today, as a rule, clients request engineering to be made in 3D. Plant engineering can provide not only 3D modelling but with process database and 3D model interaction also Building Information Modelling. 

Services of plant engineering

Area and mill engineering

  • Facilities engineering
  • Logistics
  • Mill site layouts
  • Plant layout
  • Retrofit of facilities and mechanical systems

Tanks and towers

  • Main dimensional drawings
  • Stress analysis

Piping and ducts

  • Process piping
  • Steam and condensate piping
  • Hydraulics and circulation lubrication
  • HVAC piping and air ducts
  • Underground piping
  • Pipe supports
  • Stress analysis


  • Models
  • Analysis and simulation
  • Presentation videos

Technical calculation


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